Rubber Hose & Ducting

Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems distributes a wide range of Rubber and PVC pressure, suction and discharge hose and assemblies for applications involving the transfer of:

  • Steam, Air and Water
  • Food and Liquids
  • Acid and Chemicals
  • Fuel and Oil
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Offshore Oil Rig Supply Hose


Flexible Dual Containment Hose (new)

Flexible Dual Containment Hose is a unique PVC hose that gives double protection for utilities customers requiring increased environmental safety for the conveyance of water and chemicals. This multi-layered reinforced heavy-duty PVC hose reduces the need and associated risks of multiple terminations inherent with rigid systems. Flexible Dual Containment Hose is easy to install, extremely durable yet flexible and independently tested in accordance with BS 6920.


Flexible Ducting

In addition our Flexible Ducting range of products consists of various low and high temperature thermoplastic materials for Industrial and Mining applications.


Product Range

  • Multiflex
  • Plastiflex
  • Silverflex
  • Tuflex
  • T.P.R.D
  • PU Ducting
  • Industroflex
  • High Tem.W
  • Blower Duct
  • Handmade Flexflow
  • Flexflow
  • Abrasaflex