Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems offers engineered PTFE ‘Teflon’® Hose solutions that help customers manage corrosion, hose purity, thermal cycling and other difficult operating conditions in their process applications whether it be Food Processing, Pharmaceutical or the Petrochemical Industry.


Application examples

  • Chemical transfer lines
  • Industrial Gas – filling lines
  • Marine – Hydraulic lines for steering systems and fluid lines for engine compartment
  • Off Shore Oil – transfer lines for well gases and fluids
  • Paper Industry – steam lines, transfer lines for solvent, pigments and bleaching
  • Tyre Manufacturing – steam lines on tyre presses
  • Automotive – brake lines, turbo feed and drain hoses, compressor discharge lines
  • Food and Beverage


Product Range

Smooth Bore PTFE Teflon® Hose Range

‘The Best Seller’. Available from 4.9mm (1/5”) to 50mm (2”). Our all-purpose industrial hose. Excellent flow transition. Stainless steel wire braided outer, smooth PTFE hose core. Optional Stainless Steel Helix. Single wire or Double wire braid.

Convoluted Bore PTFE Teflon® Hose Range

‘The Flexible’. Size 6mm (1/4”) to 200mm (8”) working pressure from 23kPa (3psi) to 9600kPa (1392psi). Convoluted inner core of PTFE with AISI 304 stainless steel braid offering maximum strength, optimum flexibility and cleanability. Best suitable when high flexibility is required.

High Pressure PTFE Teflon® Hose Range

‘The Champion’. Smooth inner core of antistatic PTFE resin. Double, bunch braided AISI 304 stainless steel, high tensile braid. Size 6mm (1/4’’) to 25mm (1’’) working pressure 35000kPa (5076psi). Best suitable for applications in Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry.

Gas Quality PTFE Teflon® Hose Range

‘The Gas-specialist’. Available from 3mm (1/8’’) to 10mm (3/8’’). Specifically designed for Industrial Gases applications. This has been voted as the best transfer hose product by our customers in the Gas industry.

PTFE Teflon® Tube Hose (new)

‘The Cost-effective’. Simple yet effective. Smooth PTFE hose core, no outer braid required. Suitable for simple and low pressure applications. Available from 1mm (1/32”) to 50mm (2”).