Metal Hose

Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of flexible Metal Hose assemblies for a wide range of applications where there is a need to compensate for either movement or pipeline misalignment through the medium or temperature extremes.

Metal Hose offers a number of advantages including:
  • high strength
  • resistance to high or low temperature extremes
  • corrosion resistance
  • absorbs vibration and noise
  • flexibility - connects misaligned rigid piping & moving parts of machinery or equipment.

Application examples

  • Engine Gas Applications
  • Liquid Handling Applications
  • Solid Handling Applications


Product Range

Metal Hose is manufactured in two basic styles, these being Corrugated and Stripwound.

Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems offers a complete line of annular corrugated Metal Hose in a wide variety of alloys and sizes. Manufactured in a size range from 6mm to 350mm nominal bore, the corrugated flexible range is available unbraided for low pressure applications or single/multiple braided to withstand greater pressure and vibration whilst protecting from abrasion.
Stripwound Hose is manufactured from a stainless steel or galvanised helically wound profiled strip. Individual strips are connected together by overlapping and flexibility is obtained by the adjacent turns sliding on each other. Sizes from 25mm to 200mm.


Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems corrugated hose is manufactured to ISO 10380, AS4041, AS3992 AND BS6501 Part 1, 1991 with suffix letter A, B or C indicating the hose flexibility.
Stainless steel convoluted hose assemblies are certified by Australian Gas Association (AG:216 standard) in sizes 6mm to 150mm. Certificate number 4989.