Hose Fittings

Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems manufacture and distribute a full range of hose fittings and couplings from general purpose to specialised high integrity fittings.


Product Range

  • PTFE hose fittings
  • Coupling Systems
  • Bitumen Hose Fittings and Adaptors
  • Muff Couplings
  • Camlocks
  • Dry Disconnect Couplings
  • Screwed or Flanged Hose Tail Fittings


Bioniq® - Offshore Oil Rig Hose Coupling

The Bioniq® coupling was developed for attachment to offshore oil rig supply hoses for live boating applications where mooring lines are not in use. The Bioniq® hose coupling offers total integrity and safety to the hose assembly. The Bioniq® will not pull away under the extreme tensile loads and will withstand more than the actual burst pressure of the hose assembly itself.


Coupling Systems

Breakaway Couplings provide an excellent solution for product transfer protection, protecting personnel and the environment, eliminating spillage and costly damage to transfer equipment. Breakaway Coupling ensures that valves are released and sealed 100% before the main body seal opens to the atmosphere. Therefore, a partial break cannot occur.

Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems offers a comprehensive range of Breakaway Couplings to meet your special requirements in a wide variety of applications:

  • Industrial Breakaway Couplings
  • Marine Breakaway Couplings
  • Full Bore Marine Breakaway Couplings
  • Collar Release Breakaway Couplings
  • Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings
  • Non-Closure Breakaway Couplings