Pipe Supports

 offers a comprehensive performance package which encompasses the whole field of pipe support technology.


The ranges of products include:

  • Constant Hangers, Constant Support
  • Variable Spring Hangers, Variable Spring Support
  • Shock Absorbers, Energy Absorbers, Rigid Struts
  • Pipe Clamps, Clamp Bases, Pipe Connecting Parts
  • Pipe Bearings and Saddle Components
  • Threaded Connecting Elements
  • Structural Attachment Elements


These pipe support components are made to provide optimum suitability for the special applications involved and to fulfil a variety of roles.

Application examples

  • Chemical and petrochemical installations.
  • Thermal power plants, incineration plants, sugar-factories, biogas-installations.
  • Similar facilities - wherever liquids or gaseous, primarily at high temperatures, are to be transported by pipes.