Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems, an Australian owned and operated company, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of:

  • Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies
  • Composite Petrochemical Hose & Assemblies
  • PTFE Hoses & Assemblies
  • Flexible Dual Containment Hose
  • Specialised Hygienic Hose
  • Flexible Ducting
  • Expansion Joints in Metal, Rubber, PTFE &
    Fabric materials
  • Bioniq Offshore Rig Supply Hose & Couplings
  • Hose Fittings Muff Couplings, Bitumen, Camlocks &
    many other fittings
  • Coupling Systems


Why Choose Flexonics Flexible Piping Systems?

  • We have been serving customers in the Pacific region in the flexible hose & expansion joint industry since 1962
  • Our staff are highly skilled with significant industry experience some with over 30 years of industry and product knowledge and are geared towards solving our customer's flexible piping needs, providing innovative solutions, sound advice and quality design
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and processes so much so that we are Quality System ISO9001 accredited (SAI Global Licence QEC20419) and have been for more than 17 continuous years
  • We are certified by the Australian Gas Association (AG: 216 for Certificate Number 4989) for stainless steel metal hose assemblies
  • Hose assemblies are 100% hydrostatically tested prior to shipping
  • We can provide the full suite of quality documentation (drawings, specifications, test certificates & reports)
  • We offer the best quality products at a competitive price